Hat’s off to Spring

It’s no secret that buttercream icing and I have quite the tight-knit relationship.  It’s easy, it’s yummy, and it performs just the way I want it to every time (good for a boyfriend, good for icing).  Anyway, we’re close.

But I did decide to step out on my relationship for this cake and stretch outside my comfort zone by experimenting more with fondant.  When it comes to making my marshmallow fondant and making small figurines, bows, cake toppers, etc, that’s all fine and good.  It’s when I try and use that sticky marshmallow fondant in a hot, un-air-conditioned apartment that things become… less than good (meaning me sitting on the kitchen floor crying over spilled fondant).  It starts to melt in the hot temperatures and becomes too sticky to work with in large amounts.  No good.

So I went against everything I believe in and purchased a different kind of fondant. Satin Ice is supposed to have one of the best tasting commercial fondants, and since it’s not marshmallow-based, I knew it wouldn’t have the same sticky characteristics as my homemade fondant.

Next up was deciding what to do with it.  I saw this picture of a spring hat cake in a window at a cake supply store in the city and knew it was the perfect thing for the season (and with the Kentucky Derby just around the corner!).

Here’s the picture I saw in the window:

Spring hat from City Cakes

And here’s my interpretation of it!

Spring flower hat 1

Spring flower hat 2

I used buttercream frosting for the flowers but the yellow hat and purple ribbon are all fondant.  Don’t tell the buttercream- I can’t let it get out that I was two-timing it.




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